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(PREORDER) Giant Pangolin Hoodie

(PREORDER) Giant Pangolin Hoodie

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*Please note that there will be a waiting period of 10-12  weeks for your pre-ordered items to be meticulously crafted and delivered to your doorstep!

The Giant Pangolin (Manis gigantea), the largest of all pangolin species, faces a severe conservation crisis due to illegal wildlife trade and habitat loss. With populations declining rapidly, this unique mammal plays a crucial role in controlling insect populations, maintaining ecosystem balance, and promoting seed dispersal. Pangolins, often referred to as the "most trafficked mammal in the world," face a grave threat to their survival due to a combination of factors. These unique creatures are coveted for their scales, which are falsely believed to possess medicinal properties in traditional Asian medicine. Additionally, their meat is considered a delicacy in some cultures. This demand has driven rampant illegal trafficking of pangolins, leading to severe population declines across Asia and Africa.

In support, 20% of every order will be donated to Save Pangolins!


• Sweatshirts: 80/20 Cottonblend with 100% cotton face

• T-Shirts: 100% Cotton

• Biodegradable embroidery thread

• Recycled packaging

• USA Made

• Oversize Fit

• Preshrunk

• Dyed Pigment

Shipping & Returns

• In stock items will ship within 1-2 business days.

• For preorder items please read description for info.

• All orders are shipped from within the US

Care Instructions

For Best Results

• 30° C (86° F)

• Do Not Bleach

• Do Not Tumble Dry

• Iron inside-out on medium heat

• Dry Clean (use any solvent except for Trichloroethylene

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